BEFORE & AFTER: sliding bathroom door

Another before & after from my own space. I’ve made my loft very cozy and eclectic and the metal sliding bathroom door that came with the place just didn’t do it for me. After consulting with a bathroom designer, they gave me the idea of changing it to the one I chose. I also spoke to them about completely updating the bathroom. They recommended I should change the lighting I had, as it was quite outdated, so LED’s would definitely be a good option, not only for the quality of light but also for electricity. They also think I should update my shower, as again, it’s quite outdated. Their recommendation was to go with something similar to a wetroom, so I could have a nice big, modern shower. Along with this, a floating toilet was aired in conversation, if you’ll pardon the pun, which I quite like the idea of. All of these, along with the assistance of somewhere like a Dallas plumbing company, would help me to turn my bathroom into a modern one, whilst keeping with the sort of rustic and reused theme I have going with the rest of the items!

On to the actual update I made, I was super excited when I found an amazing door at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore centre. It’s perfect for a bathroom! It has a full-length mirror and even the paint colour matches perfectly AND it was the right size (and the right price)! So, if I can continue to find the other items I mentioned at a good price, I really think I’ll be able to get my bathroom renovation in a full flow, giving me exactly what we want. So, as I say, watch this space!
“Out with the old and in with the (new) old.”

I found this great vintage looking sign, just so people don’t get confused.

I found this vintage door key hole & handle at the Aberfoyle Antique market. A must Sunday visit on your summer weekend list.