DIY: mermaid halloween costume

diy mermaid halloween costume

Yes, it’s officially here! Happy Halloween everyone! God I love this holiday. How about you?

mermaid costume 4So I gave you a bunch of relatively easy costumes to pull together a few weeks ago but I was saving the best for last. If you’ve been following on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen a few sneak peeks of my costume. I decided that this year I would make my dream come true of being a mermaid with this DIY adult mermaid halloween costume.

So I couldn’t find the long pink curly locks I was looking for but overall I’m pretty happy with my look. I managed to avoid wearing a sea shell bra which is a plus but a little shape wear didn’t hurt anyone.
I won’t lie to you – the skirt took me FOREVER to make. It was a serious time commitment. I always have best intentions when I start a sewing project and then about 3/4 of the way through I want to throw my hands in the air and give up but I’ve come too far to stop. That’s why most of my sewing projects are only 3/4 documented. My apologies. But if you’re a sewer then don’t let this stop you. Ever.

However, in this case I use the term ‘sewing’ very loosely as there was very little sewing but you should stock up on fabric glue. All the material was cut up from shirts I found at the thrift shop or scrap material I already had. I also found the top & the base skirt at the thrift store.

Obviously it’s a little late for a detailed ‘how to’ but if you want to try it another year, it’s simple – make a cardboard scallop template to cut out a bazillion shapes then use fabric glue to adhere to a skirt you’ve made or fitted for yourself. Then add or cut out a fin looking shape on the bottom (the part that didn’t get documented). Make sure you can walk!

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As for the details, I’m wearing aqua coloured accessories that I already own. Working on beauty projects and photoshoots for years really paid off and I got to use all those pretty colours that I never use and kinda went crazy. I layered aqua and glitter on the nails. Obviously.
What do you think? I can’t wait to take this costume out for some sweet dance moves with friends tonight. Halloween makes me so happy!
diy halloween mermaid costume

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