{ARTIST SHOWCASE: unexpected florals}

Today let’s not think too much. Let’s take a little time and just admire some beautiful art. Of course flowers are beautiful to look at, that’s easy.  There’s something about florals in unexpected places that I’m really drawn to. Here’s three artists who are having fun with florals. I also happen to be in love with embroidery art, which seems to lend itself beautifully to florals. Enjoy!

Ana Teresa Barboza via The Jealous Curator

floral art

Guy Catling via his flickr page. I especially love the skateboarder.


Jose Romussi and his Newserie collection

One Thought on “{ARTIST SHOWCASE: unexpected florals}

  1. This is a fantastic collection of embroidery. I’m leaving so inspired and having a hard time not heading off to do some embroidery, too! Beautiful

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