{GOOD EATS: the season for soup}

soup recipes

I know talking about the weather is cliche but seriousy, cold enough for ya? The best thing to do in this freeeeezzzing weather is hibernate. The second best thing to do is make yourself a nice and delicious hot soup. I used to think soups were complicated to make until I actually made one and realized they are actually super easy and also pretty forgiving and so versatile (it’s called clean out the fridge soup). You can make them light and brothy or nice and hearty. Soups are also great to make for vegetarian guests with the endless vegetable & lentil/bean combos you can dream up. Now I always have some stock in my cupboards ready to make a soup if I’m in the mood. Keep reading for some great soup recipes to try this (insanely) cold season.

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white bean & mushroom soup / roasted cauliflower & chickpea soup /  cauliflower & smoked garlic soup / smoky tomato basil soup with maple bacon / broccoli and white bean soup / kale, chickpea & chicken soup with rosemary croutons

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  1. I just made the kale, chickpea and chicken soup! Amazing!!! Thanks for the post – perfect for a day like today when I feel a cold coming on.