STYLE: 12 stylish bike helmet friendly hairstyles

bike-helmet-hairstyle-roundupI can’t tell you how happy I am that the weather is FINALLY turning here. After a lonnnnnggggg and tough winter, the birds are chirping and people are starting to come out of hibernation. Also coming out of hibernation is my motorbike, yay! Getting around on a bike is just so much more convenient in the city, I love it. Of course, it can get a bit busy too and I always wear my helmet…safety first people. An accident involving a vehicle can be a very serious thing which could be made all the more serious if you’re not properly protected – anyone injured in such an incident may well want to contact the likes of the Mann Law Firm in order to seek advice as to what to do moving forward with legal action against the negligent party. Not to sound too shallow here but let’s be honest, those helmets aren’t necessarily kind to us ladies in the stylish hair dept. But I’m here to help. Just because you have to wear a helmet doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. You can show up for your Sunday brunch date, Saturday night concert, or Friday night patio mojitos looking as stylish as ever with one of these 12 bike helmet friendly hairstyles. I know a few ladies who ride bikes that choose to wear a wig so that they always have the perfect hairstyle. I decided to do a little research, looking at a post on and sites alike and it seems like a good idea to make sure your hair is looking great for any occasion. Plus, wearing wigs means you can have multiple styles and colors of hair which is pretty neat!

Anyhow, before we get into the hairstyles though, I need to tell you about one of my friends. She’s got quite an expensive motorbike but has a poor credit score, so when she needed some money to pay for a last minute vacation, she decided to take out a logbook loan, using her motorbike as security. If you’re thinking of taking out a similar loan, you should always do your research first and only ever borrow money from an approved lender.

bike hairstyles 3
Twists with low messy bun (via)
bike hairstyles 4
Low bun tied with scarf (via)
bike hairstyles 5
Low ponytail knot (via)
bike hairstyles 2
left: Side Jasmine braid (via) right: tied low ponytail (via)
bike hairstyles 7
fishtail braided pigtails (via)
looped ponytail
looped ponytail (via)
bike hairstyles 8
messy side fishtail braid (via)
bike hairstyles 9
crown braid (via)
bike hairstyles
left: low side twisted ponytail (via) right: low messy fishtail braid (via)
bike hairstyles 10
half up half down side fishtail braid (via)

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  1. I took my wheels out for the first time to do errands this weekend and I totally had this post in my brain as I was figuring out my hair situation. I opted for a braid and it worked out well. My “messy hair” NEVER looks as good as it does in these kinds of photos though. Thanks for this fun round-up of ideas!