GOOD EATS: then and now recipes / 01

I thought I would put a spin on my Same but Different series and create one that’s well….same but different. Welcome to my new Good Eats Then & Now recipe series. As you know I spend a lot of time trolling thrift shops and I love coming across old cook books. Obviously people have been cooking for ages and it’s always been a hobby but with the introduction of speciality food television, competitions, designer restaurants, celebrity chefs, the term ‘foodie’ and truffle oil slathered on pretty much everything the world of food and cooking has come a lonnnnng way. Dare I say that food (and food photography) has gotten way sexier, which brings to mind another term – ‘food porn’, aka food photos that are better than…you know, something like Tubev

Here’s some recipes I pulled from a few old cookbooks (The Good Housekeeping Cookbook, Favourite Food by Valerie Childs) side by side to their modern day, more sexy version. Sort of like how people like nichole could compare pictures of themselves in the past to how they are now, the change in looks may be surprising. Does the food taste better? Who’s to say for sure. It’s a hard call to make, that’s for certain, but it’s true that we eat with our eyes first so I’m going to go ahead and say, yup.

Jam donut recipe then and now

Then and Now Recipes: Jam donut / The Sweet Escape

Seafood paella recipe then and now
Then and Now Recipes: Paella / The Sweet Escape

French Nicoise salad then and now

Then and Now Recipes: Nicoise salad / The Sweet Escape

Kebab recipe then and now

Then and Now Recipes: kabab / The Sweet Escape

Roulade recipe then and nowThen and Now Recipes: Cake Roll / The Sweet Escape

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