EVENTS: Be the Maker Series Dye Napkin workshop

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Be The Maker Series at West Elm by The Sweetest Escape

I’m so excited to share these photos with you today. If you remember about a month ago I announced that we would be hosting our very first Be The Maker Series with West Elm Toronto? Well I’m happy to say that the sold out event was a big success thanks to West Elm Toronto & its great staff, Bic markers, and of course our amazing guests. Twenty crafty ladies each walked away with a set of seriously stylish one-of-a-kind napkins at the end of the night. Also a big thanks to Andrea from Personally Andrea for photographing the night so I could share it with you today.

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 11

I was a little bit nervous because I had never done something quite like this before but once I started setting up I relaxed a bit. It’s crafting after all and I’m kinda a pro at it. How can you not get excited with a marker spread like this?!?! It doesn’t matter how old I am I still get insanely excited about colourful writing supplies. Thanks to our friends at Bic Canada we had more than a rainbow of colours to choose from for our project. These are from their Bic Mark It Colour Creations 36 pack of permanent markers.  Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 1

The evening started off with a little group huddle so I could show everyone how to marker dye their napkins. Don’t worry I had lots of scrap fabric for them to practice on before they took the leap and put marker to napkin. We used these simple but beautiful linen napkins from West Elm.

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 8Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 9

The craft flood gates opened and everyone was ready to be the maker! There was lots of experimenting with shapes, patterns, colour and design. It was really interesting to see how everyone approached the project a little differently. There was some chatting, laughing and deep concentration happening all at once.

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 7

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 14 Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 6 Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 3

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 5 Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 2

Thanks to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen for keeping us fed and hydrated during our mini craftathon. The sandwiches and fresh squeezed juices were delish.

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 10

Here’s my set of finished napkins to give you an idea of how great they will look on your dining table.

Sweet Escape BeTheMakerSeries 15

And here’s just some of the finished designs at the end of the evening. Aren’t they gorgeous!?! It was a talented bunch, that’s for sure.

(photo collage by The Sweet Escape)

Overall it was such a great night and I hope my guests had as much fun as I did. Making something is always fun but doing with with your friends or with some new friendly faces is even better. I want to say a special thanks to Carlos, the manager at West Elm Toronto for hosting us all, being so accommodating and spoiling us with some great gifts. And thanks again to Andrea for capturing the evening with her camera. She’s your gal if you need a talented photographer for your next event.

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  1. I feel like I should give them to someone who’s sloppy… but it would annoy me if they ruined them, so they should go to someone who is tidy… who wouldn’t really need them… so yeah… Imma keep them too.

  2. Melissa, the napkins look absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure you did a fabulous job of facilitating the whole thing. I was so sad I couldn’t make it (best friend had a scheduled c-section for the day before, I’m the godmother, and had to go see baby and mom that Thursday – what are the chances??!) So, for the next one, cross your fingers and toes that no one I know is having a baby, ok?

    Oh, and I would totally make these for me. I actually think some of these would look amazing framed!

  3. Hey Melissa, what great feedback for your workshop! I love how many girls said they would keep them for themselves :) Thanks for the shout-out, I really appreciate it. I loved being part of the event.