BEHIND THE SCENES: Craft Tutorial Video

If you follow along on Instagram or happen to know me, you probably saw or heard about a recent video project that I was part of. Exciting is an understatement for me as someone who’s pretended they’re on a crafting/cooking show since their childhood. Total nerd but totally true. Today I have some behind the scenes pics to share with you so you can get a little sneak peek into some DIY TV magic.


So I can’t tell you much because it’s still a secret but I’m working with Blue Ant Media who are the creative peeps behind a brand new project celebrating makers that I’m super stoked to be part of. A production team came to my loft to shoot a few craft tutorials. When I say TV magic what I mostly mean is smoke and mirrors. This was a small production and the finished videos will be a max. of 60 seconds but it took a whole day to capture those few minutes. I’ve been thinking about using an outside video production company to film some content for me for a while now so when this opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no.


As you can see my dining table ended up in my living area (better light) and raising the work surface to the appropriate height is a very technical process. Books – they’re not just for coffee tables.

craft video BTS 1

Here’s me getting my mic set up by the producer Jacqui. This was a big budget production with hair and makeup done by yours truly. As you can see it was business on top and party on the bottom. What you can’t see won’t hurt right? I have a closet FULL of clothes and even went out to buy a million more possible outfits but it figures that we ended up going with an old favourite for a simple and clean backdrop to the crafting. Plus the green brings out the colour in my eyes. THAT is not smoke & mirrors.

craft-video-BTS-3Here I am in front of the camera for some testing. It looks like I’m pretty damn comfortable and relaxed. It’s mostly true. Here’s a few shots once I got my hands dirty and my craft on. We took so many different takes for different purposes and angles. It’s going to be so interesting to see how it all comes together as one cohesive and short piece after some editing magic with some beautiful software like this davinci resolve 17 download which looks super-professional and is FREE (mind = blown).
craft-video-BTS-4 craft-video-BTS-5

Can you guess what I made? Overall it was really great experience. The Blue Ant Media team were super nice and chill. I was nervous going in but I ended up feeling really comfortable in my own space and the whole process was pretty painless. It helps that I’m naturally such a craft nerd because it’s pretty easy to talk about something you genuinely love doing. You’ll have to stay tuned to see the final videos and crafts. Watch out Martha!

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