DIY Pastel Stripe Apron

DIY Pastel Stripe Apron

Even though things have been a bit nutty for me behind the scenes I needed to take a break and there’s nothing a quickie craft project to relieve some stress. I decided that this month’s Makeful Craft challenge was the perfect fix. The challenge was to take this simple craft apron and get creative. Getting crafty can be messy so it’s smart to cover up. It’s also way cheaper than buying a new wardrobe thanks to paint gone wild.  This is one is almost too easy guys. Like seriously. I think it took me about 15 minutes to turn this plain white apron to something so pretty. 

For this project all you’ll need is some painter’s tape and some spray paint in your favourite hues. I decided to go pretty and pastel for this one. 

DIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet EscapeThis project has a whopping 3 steps:

  1. First tape your stripes or get creative and make fun pattern or shapes. 

DIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet Escape 2. Get wild with the spray paint.

diy-apron-8DIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet Escape3. Remove the tape

DIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet EscapeEasy and 1,2,3! Then like magic your crazy mess turns into something as cool and pretty as this:

DIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet Escape DIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet EscapeDIY Stripe Apron by The Sweet Escape
A craft project to help you get crafty. That’s double crafty points. Challenge accepted and nailed it Makeful! If you have both a creative and competitive streak (ummmm yeah) then be sure to join in for the next Makeful Craft Challenge and they’ll send you the supplies in the mail and you just add the creativity. Then you show off. Simple.