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  • BEFORE & AFTER: an extra sweet vintage chair makeover

    BEFORE & AFTER: an extra sweet vintage chair makeover

    While I was visiting my good friend Emily a few weeks ago we worked on a few crafty projects for her her soon-to-be creative workshop space attached her great shop Hello Yellow. I’l leave the full design plan and reveal of the space to Emily but I wanted to share this adorable before & after […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: breaking down the cage

    Ok, so I’m kinda doing things a little backward here but remember how I mentioned in another before & after post how my recent home projects were motivated by the completion of a bigger project? Well, this is it. It was a long time coming. Ever since I moved into my place I’ve hated these […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: rooftop patio beautification project

    I’m a lucky girl, I have a large rooftop patio all to myself. Something else I had been considering adding were French Patio Doors, as I think this would top it all off. I’ll have a think about it more, but I do like the idea though. It’s wonderful but I don’t think it’s necessarily […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: bedroom loft makeover

    I’m on a major roll here. Another one of my own before & after projects. So after I got my beautiful new railing it was time to take care of those other lingering projects. First up was what lies on the other side of the railing, my bedroom. It’s definitely the most awkward space in […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: Bold & Gold

    BEFORE & AFTER: Bold & Gold

    One of the first things to take care of for my patio beautification project is to give these super sad planters a makeover. It wasn’t in the budget to buy new ones and I didn’t want to fill up the landfill with more trash so I thought I could give them a makeover. I’m convinced […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: sliding bathroom door

    Another before & after from my own space. I’ve made my loft very cozy and eclectic and the metal sliding bathroom door that came with the place just didn’t do it for me. After consulting with a bathroom designer, they gave me the idea of changing it to the one I chose. I also spoke […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: curtain makeover

    Get ready for a series of before & afters’s from my very own little corner of the world. When I moved into my loft over 4 years ago it was the ultimate bachelor pad and the colour palette on the walls was beige, dark green & maroon.(gross) There is no better motivation than hosting a […]

  • {thrifting 101: milk glass treasures}

    I love hunting for vintage. It’s pretty much a past time. There’s nothing better than finding a great find for pennies at a thrift shop or garage sale. My place is full of it. That’s kinda the problem, I’m running out of space! But that’s a problem for another day (etsy vintage store in the […]