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  • {turn baby turn}

    GET’EM HERE: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

  • {handmade mother’s day}

    Consider this your reminder. Mother’s day is Sunday, May 12. That’s not too far! Why don’t you consider making it handmade this year. Check out this inspiring look book by Canada’s own (and personal favourite) Poppytalk. It’s full with beautiful handmade gifts that will inspire you to pick up something extra special for mom. If you […]

  • DIY: easter egg decor roundup

    One of my favourite memories of Easter as a kid was decorating eggs. Ok fine, my first memory is hunting and eating chocolate but then my second favourite memory is decorating eggs. If you don’t have kids (like me) and you’re crafty and like DIY, you can still have fun decorating. Here are a bunch […]

  • {drink like the Irish}

    Ok, so maybe not the most authentic Irish. I’ll be honest. I don’t love beer. Actually I don’t really even like it. (Gasp!) But you can still celebrate St. Patrick’s day with some of these delicious seasonal cocktails. The beer drinkers will be green with envy. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Recipes: 1 […]

  • {be merry}

  • {happy new year}

  • {CHRISTMAS: wrap it up}

    Gift wrap for designer…or just people who love colour. You know designers, not just ANY old wrapping paper will due. Their gift needs to stand out. The wrapping is just as much part of the gift, if not even more important than the gift. If this sounds like you and you’re not even a designer […]

  • {christmas wish list: 20 sweet things to love}

    1 Moziac locket 2 Camera 3 Baby mobile 4 Hi 5 mitts 5 Bling bling necklace 6 Map 7 Custom bookshelf art 8 Butterfly globe 9 Peacock broach 10 Owl pillow 11 Owl key markers 12 Black & white bag 13 USB turn table 14 Flower in a can 15 Yarn letters 16 Jamie Oliver […]