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  • KITCHEN MAKEOVER: How to tile your kitchen

    KITCHEN MAKEOVER: How to tile your kitchen

    Happy new year all! So what will the first post of 2015 be about? My kitchen makeover that started in Feb 2014. It’s a little embarrassing that it’s been almost a year and it’s still not done. But we’re on the home stretch! It’s actually just one task away from being completely finished but I’ve […]

  • SPACES: kitchen makeover update, the lights

    SPACES: kitchen makeover update, the lights

    It’s happening people, little by little. Today I’m happy to share another kitchen update with you. Today’s before & after is all about lighting. It’s truly amazing how much a light fixture can change the look of a room. It’s like a pretty necklace – it adds so much to an outfit or a room. […]

  • SPACES: decorating with nature murals

    Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! While you’re reading this post I’m frantically trying to get myself ready for a fun halloween dance bash I’m going to tonight. With everything going on around here, my costume ended up on the bottom of my To Do list which is totally unacceptable for a halloween lover like me. […]

  • SPACES: 12 open shelving ideas for your kitchen

    SPACES: 12 open shelving ideas for your kitchen

    So my kitchen makeover is kicking it up in high gear these days. My freshly painted kitchen cupboards are up and I’ll have an update soon on my lights. I’m in love. I stared at them all afternoon after the electrician left. The counters and backsplash are happening this week. I’m just crossing my fingers […]

  • SPACES: kitchen makeover update, the cupboards

    SPACES: kitchen makeover update, the cupboards

    So do you remember wayyyyyyy back in February I mentioned that I would love to give my kitchen an update and posted all this great kitchen inspiration? Well I’ve been busy trying to make it happen. You know, doing it not just dreaming it. To be honest, it feels like just yesterday that I was […]

  • SPACES: living room or bedroom for under $1000

    Hey all. I thought I would share some of these latest posts I put together for Apartment Therapy. Give me a tight budget and I thrive. I honestly had fun putting together these rooms for under a $1000 (USD) each. It goes without saying (which some of the ‘friendly’ commentators missed) that buying second hand […]

  • SPACES & TRAVEL: treehouse heaven Part 2

    So are you still blown away by Part 1 of the treehouse tour? Well there’s more folks. As I mentioned the treehouse sits on one corner of the a huge property that’s home to Lynne and her family. There’s also the Knowlton family home, a big barn just ready and waiting for a proper hoedown […]

  • SPACES & TRAVEL: treehouse heaven Part 1

    If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen a few shots from this amazing treehouse I stayed at just over a week ago. I’m kinda a tease because I never like to give too much away on Instagram. Also I would’ve flooded your feed because it was such a stunning place – so […]

  • SPACES: designing around a rug

    Do people still install carpet these days? Me, I would choose modern rugs over a carpet any day. Cheaper (most of the time), no installation needed, easy to change, easy to move and mostly no dust bunnies and mystery stains that can’t be seen. Not that looking under a rug is always pleasant but at […]

  • SPACES: Pattern Perfection in Moroccan Home Decor

    Some of us are still recovering from an extra long weekend and some of us are about to start one – let’s sit back and relax. Let’s all go a bit gaga over this AMAZING bungalow tour in Marrakech. I mean seriously!?! I want to swear I love it so bad. If this doesn’t convert […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: a wallpaper makeover

    If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I recently put up some new wallpaper. The thing is that I’ve been getting the itch to change things up around the loft and the orange wall was on the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks great and […]

  • {SPACES: 5 spaces to love}

    Good morning! How about easing our way into a busy week by taking a few minutes to just sit back and enjoy these 5 lovely spaces that got my attention on Pinterest recently?  They’re a bit all over the place but even the dark and moody one has great pops of colour which get me […]

  • {ETSY LOVE: the weaving’s on the wall}

    Have you spotted the woven wall art trend yet? Wall hangings in general are really popular right now, from macrame to textiles etc. I love them all but I’m especially in love with the woven pieces. It’s a modern throwback to the 70’s. It’s so funny because I can totally remember seeing similar pieces hanging […]


    Here’s another round up of 10 lovely spaces that have inspired me on Pinterest lately. Looks like I’m all over the place this time but never lacking colour that’s for sure. If I had to find a common element between this picks, which is tough, I would say that I’m inspired by all the contrasting […]

  • {SPACES: photo wall art}

    Hey guys! So I have some fun news. Actually I have two pieces of news. First did you know that Blacks Photo has got a huge makeover!? You wouldn’t even recognize them – they are rockin’ it. Don’t believe me? Check out their new website and their fresh new look. While you’re there you may […]