• Free Desktop Wallpaper Download: Let That Sh!t Go

    Free Desktop Wallpaper Download: Let That Sh!t Go

    Whoa, it’s been awhile since I’ve given you something to pretty up your tech. Well new year means a (not so) subtle motivational nudge to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with this free desktop wallpaper download that was inspired by one of my recent posts. So if you’re having one of those days, moments, […]

  • Free Wallpaper Download: Create Something

    Free Wallpaper Download: Create Something

    Free wallpaper downloads for everyone! You may recognize this one as the saying has quickly become my favourite mantra and has popped up recently in my  vision board post and Instagram feed. It’s so simple, but so powerful don’t you think? I prettied it up for summer with a nice pink hue and I hope that […]

  • 2015 Sweet Escape Review

    2015 Sweet Escape Review

    Well, looky who’s back. Why is it sooooo hard to get back into the swing of things after the holiday madness? Like why do I all of a sudden turn into a sloth? Not surprisingly there’s been a whole lotta reviews, roundups, reflections, predictions, and goal setting for the past and present year popping up […]

  • INTRODUCING MERRY MAGAZINE SUMMER! + 9 no-churn homemade ice-cream recipes

    INTRODUCING MERRY MAGAZINE SUMMER! + 9 no-churn homemade ice-cream recipes

    I scream, you scream, we all scream Hooray for Merry! I admit I’m totally like a kid in an ice-cream shop today because I’m sooooo excited to finally share Merry Mag Summer with you. I’ve been teasing you with summer cocktails and florals but now you can see it all. All 100 pages absolutely FULL of […]

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: flowers to welcome spring

    I’m not really religious but Hallelujah Spring has arrived! After having the coldest February EVER on record here in Toronto, I’m ready to be thawed out. Let’s hope Mother Nature isn’t teasing us, she’s been known to throw a snow storm or two our way in April before, and that these sunny days are here to […]

  • HAPPY LONG WEEKEND: links to love

    Happy long weekend to my Canadian readers. I hope you’re enjoying the extra day off day and relaxing. Here’s a few links for you to enjoy on this lazy day. How stunning are these geometric coasters? Or how about this super simple but unique wood block clock that would fit right in with your decor? […]

  • UPDATE: Colour inspiration top picks and Home Depot giveaway winner!

    UPDATE: Colour inspiration top picks and Home Depot giveaway winner!

    I have a special Saturday post for you all today. The Behr Marquee paint collection and Home Depot giveaway we hosted came to a close yesterday and the results were so beautiful that they deserved their own post. You made my job insanely difficult. Everyone’s entry was so creative and it was even hard to […]

  • COLOUR INSPIRATION: Behr Marquee collection & $500 Home Depot Giveaway

    COLOUR INSPIRATION: Behr Marquee collection & $500 Home Depot Giveaway

    This time of year always brings about those feelings to change things up a bit, especially around the house. Are you with me? I know you’ve heard it before but a coat of paint really has the power to completely change a look – whether it’s a room, just a wall, a whole house, or […]


    Thanks for tuning in for another series of Same but Different – a little game of connect the dots in Melissa’s brain. Does your brain file things into little folders where you can find them later when something looks familiar or do all the images end up in one gigantic box that you would have […]


    Wow! One year ago I decided to take this little baby blog of mine to the next level and boy have we come a long way. Almost 400 posts later, I’m still going strong & growing. I’m like a proud mama. There’s been ups and downs and it’s been a cray cray amount of work […]


    It’s so easy to get lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest, especially when dreaming about all the lovely things you would like to do in your dream space. Here’s 10 spaces that have inspired me lately via my Spaces Pinterest board. I never seem to get tired of eclectic taste, boho style, lots of […]

  • {INSPIRED BY: tattoos}

    I have a small tattoo even though I forget about it most of the time because it’s on my back. Yes, it’s very predictable. It’s a butterfly on my back. That’s what 18 year old girls do. But to be honest I do still like it. It’s pretty simple, just black outlines, no colour. I […]


    It’s true. Each and every one of you. Happy hump day! Print by Emily McDowell, available on Etsy.  

  • {ARTIST SHOWCASE: Jesse Breakwell}

    Aren’t these pieces by Jesse Breakwell so quirky and charming? Many of them would be great in a nursery or child’s room but I also think that if you have the right style and like to be playful with art that these would be great in a grown-up space too. I’m particularly fond of featured friends which […]

  • {INSPIRATION: drop dead gorgeous photo series}

    I was feeling creative and ambitious last weekend. The sun was streaming in the windows and I was so inspired by these dying flowers I had hanging around from Valentines day. I decided to put my amateur photographer hat on and try and capture the natural beauty and sun light with a mini photo session […]