• BIRTHDAY WEEK: bright and colorful birthday party

    BIRTHDAY WEEK: bright and colorful birthday party

    Thank you so much for following along with us during our birthday week! Hopefully it’s got you in the party mood. As you know, we kinda love color around here. Like a lot. If we were to host a ‘real life’ birthday party it would probably look a lot like this. Here’s some inspiration on […]

  • ETSY LOVE: a whirlwind Etsy road trip

    Time flies when you’re riding the yellow line. Remember when I was telling you all about the upcoming Etsy Road trip? Well they made, they drove and now they’re back! 10 days, 4 cities and boundless creativity. Did you get a chance to check out any of their stops?  Here’s a highlight of the fun […]

  • COLOUR STORY: pink + orange

    COLOUR STORY: pink + orange

    Oh man, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a colour story. I couldn’t help myself because there’s just something so summery about pink and orange together. Such a bold and fresh combo that can look both cheerful or stylish depending on the hues. Doesn’t it just make you happy looking at it? main image / […]

  • COLOUR STORY: pinks + greens

    COLOUR STORY: pinks + greens

    So I was on Pinterest the other day (shocking!) looking through my colour board and noticed a theme. It wasn’t obvious at first but I kept seeing pops of pink & green colour combo. Call me a trend spotter or just a pink & green lover but you can’t deny that these guys look great together […]

  • {STYLE: it’s going to be a kimono kind of season}

    So even though the weather hasn’t totally caught up, the fashion world is definitely in spring/summer mode. It’s kinda nice to walk through the mall and see all the seasonal fashion, even if we’re not quite ready just yet here in Toronto. What’s up with that Mother Nature? Cruel punishment I say. But on a […]

  • {PAPER PARTY: art for your walls + minted giveaway}

    Another day older, another giveaway for you peeps. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of minted and their beautiful invitations, paper goods and party decor? They are one of my favourites for sure. The quality of their product is just amazing – both the paper and the designs, which are all submitted by independent designers. […]

  • {PAPER PARTY: One of a Kind paper goods + ticket giveaway}

    It’s here! The Spring One of a Kind Show is always a good sign that the weather is turning (hopefully) and the need to shop is in the air. I’ll be there today checking out all the new spring vendors as well as some old favourites. If you’ve never been to the show before, brace yourself because […]

  • {INSPIRING CHANGE: shopping for International Women’s Day}

    Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and the theme is Inspiring Change. Are you a woman and are you planning on doing something tomorrow to inspire change? I know for me anyway, sometimes these events can be a bit overwhelming. You get those thoughts “I’m just one woman, what can I really do?”. This blog isn’t […]

  • {BEAUTY TREND: Fab orange lips}

      Spring is a great time to refresh your look. It’s practically begging you to do something new & fresh. You can even find some discount codes for makeup online, so you won’t have to break the bank for your new look. There are always lots of different beauty trends floating around each season, but […]

  • {STYLE: strappy wear for the ladies}

    How about starting your week off with a little shopping expedition? I’ve been so into this strappy back bra look. They just look so interesting, don’t you think? Ok, so us living in the cold northern tundra may not be wearing cute tanks and  backless tees to show these bras and our sexy backs off […]

  • {etsy love: valentine brunch & GIVEAWAY}

    The love is flowing now. What are your plans for Valentines? Isn’t it all about celebrating relationships? What about celebrating the relationships with your girlfriends? How about hosting a love-filled brunch for your best ladies! Of course you want it to be unique, so let etsy help you say ‘i love you’ to your gal […]

  • {LOVE: Be Mine, Be Minted $100 Valentines GIVEAWAY}

    Love it or hate it, it’s that time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Now I’ve been single longer than I would ever admit publicly so for the record this message of love is brought to you by a party of one. I think we should take Valentine’s Day away from the lovers and […]

  • {STYLE: gaga for ombre tights}

    What’s your favourite season for fashion? I bet lots of people love easy breezy summer and showing off their tans but I’ll admit, I kinda like to cover up. Not because I’m shy but because I really like wearing tights & leggings. They can be such a fashion statement! They are also a great way […]

  • {WISH LIST: my holiday list}

    I may be a little late on the wish list train but I thought I would share anyway. The truth is that gift giving isn’t really a big part of my holiday. We (friends & family) have kinda collectively agreed to just enjoy the social events and not worry about gifts. BUT with that being […]

  • {WISH LIST: One of a Kind gifts & ticket giveaway}

    It’s that time of year that many crafters and shoppers anticipate, the big One of a Kind Christmas show. If you love the idea of giving unique handmade gifts but aren’t a big fan of shopping online or don’t trust the postal service to come through for you on time then this is it. This […]