• {thrifting 101: don’t pass the chachka’s}

    dust collectors, trinkets, useless crap. Whatever you want to call them we all know about chachkas and probably know someone with a dusty collection sitting in a glass cabinet in a dining room that never gets used. Many of those lonely chachka’s eventually end up on a shelf in a thrift store. That’s where we […]

  • {thrifting 101: flea market finds}

    Let the flea market crawl begin! Check out these great finds I picked up at the Almonte Flea Market last weekend while I was there for Handmade Harvest. I definitely have a weakness for housewares but check out the neon water canteen I found in mint condition. In love! I will never be unfashionably thirsty […]

  • {thrifting 101: granny’s linen closet}

    Photography is fun (obviously) but there’s lots of ways to make it a little more creative. On my thrifting trips I’m always on the look out for great patterns that will make fun backdrops for photos – either for product or people. I always take a peak at the linens and curtains and many thrift […]

  • {thrifting 101: milk glass treasures}

    I love hunting for vintage. It’s pretty much a past time. There’s nothing better than finding a great find for pennies at a thrift shop or garage sale. My place is full of it. That’s kinda the problem, I’m running out of space! But that’s a problem for another day (etsy vintage store in the […]

  • {thrifting 101: this week’s finds}

    As most people know, I love to shop for vintage. For me it’s all about the hunt. Vintage stores are amazing but there’s nothing more satisfying that finding a gem for pennies in a sea of thrift store junk. I keep playing with the idea of having an etsy or online vintage store so I […]

  • {THRIFTING: flea market finds}

    I just had such a great long weekend. (Happy Canada Day!) It was one of those long weekends that seemed even LONGER, which is amazing, and consisted of a bunch of everything and not really anything all at the same time. Lots of little events and small adventures with some chill time in between. Oh […]

  • {happily ever vintage}

    I think this woman is my hero. Forgive all the bridal postings but I’ve been working on a few wedding projects so I’ve been trolling lots of wedding sites/blogs. GET THIS – this woman found this wedding dress at a Goodwill by the pound in Montreal for $5!!!!!!!!!! And it fits!!!!! And it’s beautiful on […]