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  • {STYLE: accessories wish list / 01}

    Oh, Pinterest. I don’t stand a chance against you in my fight towards accessory addiction. We can all wish. shop: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

  • {SPACES: hanging around}

    Here I am day dreaming about my imaginary home again. Well this time my day dream isn’t totally unrealistic. I love my loft but one drawback of living in one big room is that you kinda have to stick with one look and everything has to work together. Awhile back I posted about how great […]

  • {thrifting 101: centrepiece of old treasures}

    I love when treasures of past come together with new treasures to make a complete look. I found this amazing vintage milk bottle carrier at a garage sale (!) during a cottage weekend. I admit, they aren’t very common to come by outside of antique shops or online but if you’re loving this look, it […]

  • { BlogPodium: what’s in your bag? }

    Wow, time is going by at lightening speed. I feel like I was just at Alt Design Summit in San Fran and now it’s already time for Toronto’s BlogPodium this coming Saturday. I’m really looking forward to meeting local bloggers and experts. One of my goals is to do more collaborations in the future so […]

  • {artist showcase: Fabienne Rivory}

    How much do you love these pieces from Paris-based artist Fabienne Rivory? This is her 2013 collection named Miroir. The simplicity of the black & white reflective photos with the perfectly-places yet free flowing pops of watercolour are beautiful. Do you think if I moved to Paris I could make art this lovely?  You can have […]

  • {GOOD EATS: chocolate zucchini loaf}

    Guys I just had to pass along this recipe. It’s so good that I made twice in two days! Plus everyone seems to have zucchinis laying around that they don’t know what to do with.  I took this original recipe and cut out much of the sugar, upped the whole wheat flour and made it a loaf […]

  • {VINTAGE STYLE: black, brown & gold}

    I’m very excited to bring you the first of many creative photo & style posts that I worked on with the talented Maya Visnyei. Maya and I met back in May when my loft was photographed for Covet Garden (pre-order here for November delivery). I can’t tell you how happy I was when she reached out recently and asked if […]

  • { SPACES: time to get a new clock }

    So this is kinda random but when I’m watching T.V. I like to know what time it is without having to check my phone or switch channels. I’m old fashioned like that. I have the perfect spot on my credenza for a clock but of course it has to look good and fit in with […]

  • {SPACES: my dream room}

    This post should be titled My Dream Room….For Now. I can’t help it, there’s so much inspiration out there that if I had my own moving team and unlimited funds I would be changing my whole space every year.I’m super excited to be going to my first BlogPodium conference for bloggers in Toronto in a […]

  • { style: love your lunch }

    Happy Labour Day! It’s kinda sad that this long weekend marks the unofficial end of summer because summer doesn’t technically end until September 22. But we all know that the major sign of the end of summer is that time of year that some people dread and others are giddy with excitement – back to […]

  • {STYLE: accessories wish list / 01}

    Oh, Pinterest. I don’t stand a chance against you in my fight towards accessory addiction. We can all wish. shop: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

  • STYLE: vintage wedding dresses from etsy

    I swear I wasn’t sitting around dreaming about a wedding but something made me search vintage wedding dresses on etsy. I totally underestimated what I found. So many beautiful and timeless pieces and all under $600! Of course if the stars align and you fall in love, it has be your size (the dress, not […]

  • {SPACES: put it in the calendar}

    Working from home is amazing – I’ve loved the change it’s given me. Working to my own schedule, I have more time to look on sites like and find more ways to maintain an income. Plus I can decide the amount of work I want to do and when I want to do it. […]

  • {DIY: projects to keep you busy all year}

    I thought I would load you up with a bunch inspirational DIY’s for the weekend – you know just in case you’re looking for something to do. Today’s DIY roundup come from fellow blogger Rachel and her clever yet simple idea called 52 Weeks Project. I met Rachel at the AltSF conference and loved her […]

  • {thrifting 101: not your granny’s blanket}

    This is one of those items you come across and you almost need a second opinion to confirm if it’s tacky cool or just tacky. I’m pretty sure it’s so tacky it’s cool. Check out this huge and colourful wool blanket I found on my latest thrift store adventure. The colour reeled me in and […]