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  • SPACES: a boho rooftop affair

    SPACES: a boho rooftop affair

    Unless this is your first ever visit to the blog, you’ve probably heard – Merry Mag Summer is out!!¬†For one of the bigger features we hosted an intimate and colorful Boho-inspired rooftop affair (p.40). I know, sometimes I think it’s just not fair that I’m so lucky to have a huge rooftop in the middle […]

  • SPACES: living room or bedroom for under $1000

    Hey all. I thought I would share some of these latest posts I put together for Apartment Therapy. Give me a tight budget and I thrive. I honestly had fun putting together these rooms for under a $1000 (USD) each. It goes without saying (which some of the ‘friendly’ commentators missed) that buying second hand […]