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  • DIY: Paper Ornament

    DIY: Paper Ornament

    Just in case you’re a bit of a last-minute holiday slacker and still haven’t put up your tree and feel like getting your craft on then this is for you. I don’t know about you but I like to change up my holiday decor a little bit every year. It can get expensive to totally change […]

  • DIY Modern Wreath Wall Hanging

    DIY Modern Wreath Wall Hanging

    A little while ago I was asked by the fine people at Makeful TV if I would be interested in hosting a holiday-ish DIY workshop for their first ever blogger event. Gimme a craft and an audience and I’m ready to go. They were open to me choosing my own project, which is awesome, and I […]

  • DIY: yarn mini christmas trees

    DIY: yarn mini christmas trees

    Happy Friday friends! Are you in the mood to make an adorable holiday project? You are? Good! Because today I’m going to share my spin on the trendy and adorable bottle brush christmas tree. I’ll be honest, I tried to make the bottle brush trees before and didn’t have much luck but I thought I […]

  • PRETTY TECH: free holiday desktop wallpaper download

    PRETTY TECH: free holiday desktop wallpaper download

    Annnd…it’s December already. No idea how that happened!?! Well friends it’s been ages since I’ve done a free wallpaper download so let this be an early Christmas present. I just love this deer I have up this year so much that I want you all to enjoy him too. You may recognize him from his […]

  • MAKE IT: DIY holiday gift tags

    MAKE IT: DIY holiday gift tags

    If you’re like me and keep all your crafty scraps then you probably have a bunch of short pieces of ribbon tucked away that aren’t really long enough to be super useful, until now. This really easy DIY is a great way to use up scrap ribbon or gives you a reason to go buy […]

  • photo holiday cards with Shutterfly

    photo holiday cards with Shutterfly

    Ok, so this post is either going to make you laugh at me, make you think I’m a total narcissist or make you go out and order some cards with you or your family’s face plastered all over them. Hopefully it will be the latter. Here’s the thing – I absolutely love Shutterfly and their beautiful […]

  • DRINK UP: cinnamon spiced ice tea cocktail

    So thanks to my mega cheaters spiced pumpkin cake & maple rum glaze recipe, dessert is taken care of for Thanksgiving. But that’s the end of the evening, what about the beginning? You need to have something for your guests to sip on while eagerly anticipating the meal ahead. This Cinnamon Spiced Ice Tea is […]

  • {HAPPY WEEKEND: links to love, holiday entertaining edition}

    Make your house smell all Christmas-sy via Rue. 5 tips for setting a gorgeous holiday table (and not stress about it) via Chatelaine. Lots of holiday table top ideas from Style at Home. 17 great holiday punch recipes from the master Martha Stewart. Have a roaring fire, even if you don’t have a fireplace via […]

  • HOLIDAY DIY: recycled gift tags

    HOLIDAY DIY: recycled gift tags

    This is a super easy one for you. Don’t you think it’s just a shame to throw away all those lovely christmas cards at the end of the season? Well this year you should save them or if you’re like me, you may already have a small pile from last year. Turn those old cards […]

  • HOLIDAY DIY: marshmallow wreath

    HOLIDAY DIY: marshmallow wreath

    Don’t think because DIY HOLIDAY WEEK is over that it’s the end of holiday DIY’s on here. Nope, that was just a kickstart to your crafting season. Today I have to share this super fun Christmas DIY Marshmallow Wreath that I made on the weekend. How fresh, simple and deliciously fun is this marshmallow wreath?! […]

  • HOLIDAY DIY WEEK: merry & bright DIY Christmas art for your mantel

    HOLIDAY DIY WEEK: merry & bright DIY Christmas art for your mantel

    I have a show stopper to wrap up our week of holiday DIY’s. You can create this great piece of art for your mantel or wall and let it light up your space. It’s not super complicated but there are a few steps so keep reading to find out how you can make this simple […]

  • DIY HOLIDAY WEEK: DIY Repurposed Sweater Stocking

    DIY HOLIDAY WEEK: DIY Repurposed Sweater Stocking

      Following on the tail of yesterday’s project, I have another thrifty upcycling project.  This funky stocking used to be a $5 sweater from the thrift shop. For real! Keep reading to see how I did it and get ready to transform your thrifted find into a sweater stocking ready to be stuffed with holiday goodies. […]

  • {WISH LIST: One of a Kind gifts & ticket giveaway}

    It’s that time of year that many crafters and shoppers anticipate, the big One of a Kind Christmas show. If you love the idea of giving unique handmade gifts but aren’t a big fan of shopping online or don’t trust the postal service to come through for you on time then this is it. This […]


    Even though we’re not even in mid-November I think I may already be a tiny bit late in the game on this one. But if you’re like me and not a 3 month in advance pre-planner then the good news is that thanks to Minted, I think we’re still going to be ok. I’m talking […]