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  • Before & After: Cheerstream makeover reveal

    Before & After: Cheerstream makeover reveal

    This post sure is a long time coming but it’s worth it! It was wayyyyyyyyy back in April that Emily and I officially started the wheels in motion (pun intended) on this Airstream makeover and the ol’ Cheerstream’s time in the beauty chair is finally up and she’s ready for her big reveal. Just in […]

  • SPACES: my top 10 most popular Apartment Therapy posts

    I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since I’ve been contributing to Apartment Therapy. It’s been so great to share my passion for home decor with so many people through AT’s huge audience. I don’t have access to stats the same way I do my own blog so, with the exception of comments, I’m never really […]

  • {ARTIST SHOWCASE: Monique Van Genderen}

    How about a little colour to get you going today? The world of art is something that’s still a bit unfamiliar to me. Like anything creative it’s so damn subjective. And like anything creative I say, if YOU like it, it’s good.  I’ve been living in my loft for 5.5 years now and it could […]

  • {SPACES: velvet crush}

    I have a major crush. But it’s not a secret, I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen. I’m in love with velvet. Big time. I feel like I’ve been searching for my perfect sofa for oh…my whole life. I know dramatic. I’ve also changed my mind about a million times which is probably part of […]

  • {SPACES: thinking in spirals}

    I’m so attracted to spiral staircases.  I think they’re just such a feature in a space, I wish they were more common. I mean they have a practical space-saving functionality but they’re also just beautiful. Depending on the style, they can add an element of romance, playfulness or interest to your space.  But mostly they […]

  • SPACES: plants as decor

    Do you have a green thumb? I definitely don’t but I’m starting to think that that can change. I grew up with house FULL of plants and a mother & grandmother who had a passion for plants. It was just the norm for me as a kid but I realize now what we had was […]