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  • Loft Living 10 Year Anniversary

    Loft Living 10 Year Anniversary

    I realized over the weekend that as of today, October 16, it will have been 10 years (!!!) since I got the keys to my loft. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that. It feels like I moved in here maybe 5-6 years ago. This wasn’t really planned but I thought the […]

  • Before & After: Loft Wall Makeover

    Before & After: Loft Wall Makeover

    I’m so freak’n excited to share this loft wall makeover with you. It’s something that’s been on my mind since I moved into my loft…..8+ years ago. Yeah, take forever much?! I do have excuses though! The first thing I did when I moved into my loft was get the whole thing painted a neutral […]

  • {SPACES: holiday around the loft}

    With all my holiday decor DIY projects that I posted this year you probably have a pretty good idea of what christmas around my loft looks like. Just for a quick recap I made snowy shadow boxes, turned a sweater into stocking, make some art for the mantel, a winter scene from an old light […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: breaking down the cage

    Ok, so I’m kinda doing things a little backward here but remember how I mentioned in another before & after post how my recent home projects were motivated by the completion of a bigger project? Well, this is it. It was a long time coming. Ever since I moved into my place I’ve hated these […]