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  • SPACES: a boho rooftop affair

    SPACES: a boho rooftop affair

    Unless this is your first ever visit to the blog, you’ve probably heard – Merry Mag Summer is out!! For one of the bigger features we hosted an intimate and colorful Boho-inspired rooftop affair (p.40). I know, sometimes I think it’s just not fair that I’m so lucky to have a huge rooftop in the middle […]

  • BIRTHDAY WEEK: bright and colorful birthday party

    BIRTHDAY WEEK: bright and colorful birthday party

    Thank you so much for following along with us during our birthday week! Hopefully it’s got you in the party mood. As you know, we kinda love color around here. Like a lot. If we were to host a ‘real life’ birthday party it would probably look a lot like this. Here’s some inspiration on […]

  • BIRTHDAY WEEK: DIY birthday headbands

    BIRTHDAY WEEK: DIY birthday headbands

    Ok, so you have the cake now you need some party favors. If you’re the birthday girl you want to make sure everyone know it or at the very least get enjoyment from making your guests wear some party gear. This is a super cute and easy way to make your very own custom birthday headbands. […]

  • Some thoughts & entertaining for New Years Eve

    Some thoughts & entertaining for New Years Eve

    Welcome to the last day of 2014. What kind of year did you have? What are you looking forward to most in 2015? I’ll be totally honest – I decided to disconnect digitally for Christmas and I’m having a really hard time connecting again. I’m such a live in the present type of person, which […]

  • EVENTS: grown-up halloween party ideas

    EVENTS: grown-up halloween party ideas

    I admit that I’ve been a little bit distracted (read: completely consumed) by my kitchen reno and have neglected my fave holiday, halloween. The end is near with the kitchen people, stay tuned. But as far as halloween, which I loooooove, it’s fun to go crazy and if you have kids it’s kinda part of […]

  • DIY: fresh flower birthday hats

    I have one more kinda summery DIY for you. Although, you can really make these all year – they would brighten up any indoor birthday party. Remember those magical three days I stayed at a treehouse with my bestie Emily last month? Well it happened to be her birthday while we were there AND I happened […]

  • ENTERTAINING: summer watermelon themed party

    Doesn’t watermelon just equal summer? Sure you can get pretty much any fruit all year long nowadays but you know summer has arrived around these parts when the watermelon is so colourful and tasty. It’s packed with refreshing goodness, yum! There’s also about a million ways you can be inspired by this treat. How about hosting […]

  • DIY: sequin party crowns

    So how much fun is this? I’m in a wedding party (hence why I was just in Mexico…jealous much?) and the other bridesmaids and I hosted a bachlorette/shower combo for the bride a few weeks ago. We were on a bit of a budget so we had to get creative with decor and party favours. I […]