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  • Caprese Melon Skewer no cook summer recipe

    Caprese Melon Skewer no cook summer recipe

    I’m in a major recipe mood these days. You wait, there’s a few coming down the line. First up is this super easy, delicious and easy to look at recipe for caprese melon skewers. It takes a fresh melon-y twist on a traditional Italian classic. The best part? No turning on the oven or stove […]

  • Sizzling Sips: Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

    Sizzling Sips: Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

    So the holidays are over but Winter most definitely is not. Sit tight folks, there’s still a solid 3 months of this glorious white (freezing) winter land. I find the only way to get into winter is to find the silver linings, such as eating lots of great food, warm drinks full of calories and […]

  • No Bake Maple Bacon Cheesecake Cups

    No Bake Maple Bacon Cheesecake Cups

    Sometimes I love spending hours in the kitchen playing around with a recipe or two….and sometimes I’m looking for something a little more simple, but no any less delicious of course. Well now you can have your cheesecake and eat it too. If there ever was a dessert that combine two cliche stereotypes any more […]

  • Almond Snowball Cookies Recipe

    Almond Snowball Cookies Recipe

    Don’t let their simplicity fool you. These little snowball cookies are jam packed with nutty almond flavour. Like throwing a snowball, you can’t stop at one. It’s impossible, I’ve conducted an extensive study. My Italian family makes very similar cookies, in fact you may see/hear them referred to as Italian cookies or Russian tea cakes. Those people don’t […]

  • DRINK UP: 5 refreshing summer cocktails

    DRINK UP: 5 refreshing summer cocktails

    It’s not officially summer until you’ve had your first patio cocktail (or two, or five), Today I’ll help you kick off summer with 5 refreshing summer cocktails. You can find these delish drinks and more sunny sipping recipes in the summer issue of Merry, coming next Monday, June 8! Consider this your sneak peek! I didn’t […]

  • GOOD EATS: funfetti Easter Cake

    GOOD EATS: funfetti Easter Cake

    When I was a kid, Easter was easily the next best thing after Christmas. Baskets full of candy and gifts, hunting for chocolate, frilly dresses, that was the life. Now as an adult it’s about the long weekend and the amazing homemade feast. I grew up in an Italian family so the feasts were definitely something […]

  • Some thoughts & entertaining for New Years Eve

    Some thoughts & entertaining for New Years Eve

    Welcome to the last day of 2014. What kind of year did you have? What are you looking forward to most in 2015? I’ll be totally honest – I decided to disconnect digitally for Christmas and I’m having a really hard time connecting again. I’m such a live in the present type of person, which […]

  • GOOD EATS: then and now recipes / 01

    I thought I would put a spin on my Same but Different series and create one that’s well….same but different. Welcome to my new Good Eats Then & Now recipe series. As you know I spend a lot of time trolling thrift shops and I love coming across old cook books. Obviously people have been […]

  • GOOD EATS: spicy avacado hummus recipe

    GOOD EATS: spicy avacado hummus recipe

    This is a REALLY easy one folks. If you love avocados and hummus and want those two delicious worlds to collide then this avacado hummus recipe is for you. You may recognize this as one of the delish snacks I whipped up for my summer patio wine & dine event awhile back. Not only do I […]

  • GOOD EATS: let them eat rainbow cake

    Happy (sorta) long weekend folks! I’m assuming that most people took Monday off to make it a long weekend with Canada Day on Tuesday. It’s a big weekend here in the city – not only are we celebrating Canada Day with the rest of the country but we’re also hosting World Pride with a bunch […]

  • GOOD EATS: salted caramel & chocolate coconut cheesecake

    GOOD EATS: salted caramel & chocolate coconut cheesecake

    Drool much? Well you will be by the end of this post. I recently found out about the Philadelphia Cheesecake of the Year contest and thought it would be a great reason to try baking a cheesecake. For the first time ever. Yikes! Well I think this photo kinda gives it away but all went […]

  • GOOD EATS: lilac recipes to love

    I’m not a gardening expert although I wish I knew a little more. But I love lilacs and I’m told that they bloom in late May, early June so we should see those beauties any time now. (disclaimer: do not go all green thumbzilla on me if this is not true). Who doesn’t love the […]

  • GOOD EATS: colourful ice-cream sandwich treats

    Who doesn’t love ice-cream, seriously? (lactose free people, you don’t count). Ice cream sandwiches always remind me of my grandma. She was a very simple woman and her freezer was almost always empty except for a box of ice-cream sandwiches for when we came to visit. I thought I would try a special Spring colour […]

  • GOOD EATS: 6 delicious chicken recipes

    Don’t hold me to this, but I think I read somewhere that food and recipes are the number one thing that people pin on Pinterest. I’m not surprised. Food porn is real people.  Sure, I love sharing my own experiments with you in the kitchen but let’s be honest, I’ll never actually try most of […]

  • {HAPPY WEEKEND: links to love}

    What do you think of these kinda crazy polka dot New Balance sneakers? Yay or nay? How to throw your throw pillows. 10 creative ways to use a Sharpie by A Subtle Revelry 14 unique chili recipes via Best Friends for Frosting Oh, I think this wallpaper was meant for me. 15 bloggers, 15 wreaths. […]