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  • BEFORE & AFTER: Mosaic Heart Tile Table Makeover

    BEFORE & AFTER: Mosaic Heart Tile Table Makeover

    I’m about to give you a heart on for a table. I swear you won’t look at any old table ever the same after I share this mosaic heart tile table makeover with you. My friends at Value Village challenged me to find something preloved (and probably forgotten) in their stores and it give it […]

  • {THRIFTING 101: thrift store scores / 01}

    It’s been ages since I’ve posted something thrifty. I’ve kinda changed things up a bit and along with my Thrifting 101 series of great thrifted projects and transformations, I’m starting Thrift Store Scores. These will basically be me rubbing my awesome thrift store scores in your face. Sorry. But I like to show what kinda […]