{INSPIRATION: pictures & paper}

I’ve always admired artists of all disciplines, particularly photographers and illustrators. As a designer I often keep them in mind when I’m thinking of ideas for a project…a great photo or illustration can give a piece a certain look or feel that isn’t possible with just graphics. And of course, they can work amazingly together as well.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with two artists who’s images keep sticking with me.

The first is Tim Walker, a photographer from the UK. He’s done a ton of work for huge publications like Vogue but before I even knew he was that popular I came across this photograph, which I fell in love with. So much so that I bought a print of it and have it framed in my loft.

Here are some other samples of his work that I really love. He’s done a lot of fashion shots, which I think are amazing but I tend to gravitate towards his more whimsical shots.

All of these great shots and many, many more can be found on Tim Walker’s website, or in this fabulous book that is definitely on my Christmas list.

The second artist that I absolutely love love love is Kat Macleod. I guess she would be considered more of a mixed media artist because of her use of different materials as part of her illustrations….which is exactly what I love! I also realized that she used a lot of redheads as models. Maybe also another reason why I’m such a big fan. Here’s a small sample of some of my favourites:

Aren’t they just fabulous!?!? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. You can find Kat’s work in various fashion publications and also in her most recent book Like a Give a Frock: Fashion Forecasts and Meaningless Misguidance. ALSO on my Christmas list although I don’t think I can wait until then..I found a copy in my neighbourhood book store and I’ll probably pick it up.

So many pretty pictures, so little time…..