{wannabe photographer}

Something has come over me lately were I’m super interested in photography. Like actually taking pictures, not just admiring them. Believe it or not, it’s never really been a huge creative passion of mine up until now….I mean the taking pictures part. I’ve always taken pictures to preserve a memory, not really for arts sake. But all of a sudden a few months ago I started ‘seeing’ as my high school art teacher may say. Now I will be walking and even talking to someone and see something that I just have to stop and take a photo. My camera comes everywhere with me. And we’re not talking a fine piece of equipment here..we’re talking a $150 Canon point & shoot, which is probably obvious to anyone above amateur status looking at these photos but it’s a starting point. I’m definitely itching to buy a decent camera….I’m saving my pennies. I’ve also been looking into more modern ways to take stunning shots, such as the use of drones. From looking at pictures online, I can tell drones can take really beautiful footage, especially in the outdoors. I have heard that they can sometimes get damaged; they are up in the air a lot of the time so this makes sense! However, there are companies like DJI Repair who will happily and efficiently repair your drones if they do run into issues. This may be an investment I make soon to further my new passion of photography. Although, I will say I’m a little intimidated (and lazy) to do all the technical research involved in buying a camera or drone. For now check out some shots I’ve gotten in the past few months that I kinda like.

Taken outside a VW repair garage in my neighbourhood

These two are from my very brief but fun trip to NYC in October. I would love to live in a pink building!

Sketchy laundromat that caught my eye walking down Queen West. I gravitate towards turquoise like a raccoon to garbage.

I love type – obviously. I also love the letter “m”, also obvious. This was a shot I got while waiting my turn for the letterpress at the workshop I took.

This last one was just taken last week. I was unpacking from a weekend away where I was at an event that I wore this great red vintage dress (which has officially been retired as of this event, btw). I tossed it on top of my luggage pile and saw this great shot. The funny thing is that I let it sit there for over a week until I was actually home during daylight hours to take the pic. I also decided to test some of my Photoshop skills with this one.

Here’s the before shot:

And here’s the after…much better!

If you have any tips on cameras, please pass them my way. Until then stay tuned for more of my point & shoot genius ;)