{STYLE: back to school}

Even though it’s been (yikes) 8 years since I’ve had a ‘summer break’ from school I still get a little of that back to school feeling in September. It’s probably all the in-your-face retail advertising. But still.

Right on time, I happen to come across these adorable lunch bags which fed my nostalgic September memories. I would be more than happy to tote one of these stylish sacks with me to work everyday. If only they came with a healthy delicious lunch as well.

Aren’t the colours & patterns great!?! I love mixing patterns that you wouldn’t think necessarily go or taking something, like a tablecloth, and re-purposing it for something else. Makes something boring & predictable suddenly more interesting.
You’re like “those are sooooooo cute! I want one!”. Well, you too can have one but there’s a catch. You have to make it. These cute bags come courtesy of the Queen of Craft herself, Martha Stewart.

You can find the tutorial on her website. It does seem pretty simple, even for Martha. The benefit of doing something yourself is being able to really make it your own. I think this bag would be great with a little strap as well, which could be fun and practical. I think I’m going to give one a shot myself. If all goes well I think I may make a couple for the Handmade Harvest craft show that I’m participating in this coming November.

Stay tuned for a progress report.