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I think this woman is my hero. Forgive all the bridal postings but I’ve been working on a few wedding projects so I’ve been trolling lots of wedding sites/blogs.

GET THIS – this woman found this wedding dress at a Goodwill by the pound in Montreal for $5!!!!!!!!!!

And it fits!!!!!

And it’s beautiful on her!!!!!

Check out the before and after.

Here is the day she found it:

Here’s the original Glamour article

And here are her amazing wedding photos, likely taken by a professional similar to this Cape Cod wedding photographer. When you’re looking to capture the essence of the wedding day, hiring a good photographer is what you need. It could be as simple as checking out portfolios such as olgatopchii.com, as seeing what the photographers can offer before making a choice could make it easier to choose one for the big day. You want to have fond memories to look back on and that’ll be one way to do it. Finding the right person for the job could be as easy as doing a quick google search into something simple like wedding photographer Charlottesville and checking out the photographer’s portfolio. You can make a decision that way.

Not only does the dress look amazing on her I love the leather belt accessory (so unique!)and the look & feel of the whole thing. A wedding dress is not normaly paired with a belt, especially not a leather one, but this look is definitely something that many will want to recreate. To keep on theme with the cheap dress and accessories, the bride could’ve even purchased this fake Gucci belt for sale that on appearance looks just as realistic as the real thing, for a much more discounted price. Having said this, her belt on the day looked just as stunning on her. Of course I love her ‘maids decked out in vintage. It looks like they got custom made dresses out of vintage or vintage inspired material. Not sure how I feel about the medal, but hey, it’s not my special day and I’m sure it means something to her.

It’s no surprise to find out that this is a creative couple in love. The bride is a clothing designer (with an obvious nose for vintage) and the groom is an artist. Their style shines through.

These and more wedding photos found here.

Now if that doesn’t give you a reason to think twice about digging through some thrift shop ‘junk’, I don’t know what will!

Happy thrifting!