{SAY I DO: farm charm}

Yes, it’s another wedding post. I can’t help it. There’s just SOOO much great inspiration in wedding design. Obviously anything you see can likely be adapted to any type of event. I like to keep a wedding bookmark folder because I design wedding invitations on the side and also because I always find so many great ideas that I use for other projects.

I had to share this wedding because it just OOZES with charm. It’s not necessarily my design taste or what I would envision for myself but you can’t deny the attention to details, the uniqueness of it or the charming simplicity.

And can we mention that the couple are named Lauren & Lawrence. Like common, meant to be.

You can check out the whole post on Brooklyn Bride but here are some of the highlights:

The hand illustrated invitation…

The location…

The couple….L&L

The pretty dress….

The beautiful florals…..

The wedding favour…..

There is just so much great design and so much thought put into the details. Who says a farm wedding has to be anything less that elegant and fabulous.