{artist showcase: Fernando Brizio}

So this is a little crazy but so interesting, and of course pretty. Italian designer Fernando Brizio has come up with a creative solution for renewable clothing. His idea is to make a white dress with lots of little pockets that house uncapped markers. The markers bleed their ink, leaving a beautiful textile pattern. The artistic concept behind it is that you can wear a different one-of-a-kind piece of art to any function. The dress & ink is washable so you can change what you want it to look time each time.

Take a look:

Isn’t that so unique?! I’m going to make an assumption that you would remove the markers before you wear the dress out. Something to consider would be all the trial & error and experimental time spent getting this just right so it looks beautiful. He would’ve had to figure out exactly how much ink each marker holds, the size of the bleed, the time it took to bleed and space out the pockets accordingly based on how he wanted the finished product to look. There is some serious left & right brain thinking behind this one.

I think this is so neat but I do question the renewable factor. I get that the one dress can be reinvented many times over but not sure about all the discarded markers? Oh well, can’t win them all. At least no one will be wearing your dress and you will definitely have something interesting to talk about.