{GOOD EATS: eat your veggies}

There’s nothing like a fresh garden salad made with vegetables that are in season in the middle of summer. I recently came across this post on Oh Joy that not only aroused my taste buds for summer salads but also a feast for my eyes. With the popularity of Food TV and great magazines like Martha Stewart and Real Simple, gone are the days of stuffy and stiff food photography. These shots beautiful to look at! Along with nature’s colour palette the bright transparent-like lighting and very random styling gives the whole thing a very light and airy feel. I also love when a photograph, a split second in time standing still can capture movement…especially when there really isn’t any! You get a sense that these ingredients are floating and falling.

I can see how these make for some stunning editorial content. They came from Sweet Paul Magazine. Definitely take a peak if you’re an aspiring chef or baker or just like to get your fix of what I like to call ‘food porn’ not to be confused with actual porn like TubeV Sex Asian. ;)