{THRIFTING: flea market finds}

I just had such a great long weekend. (Happy Canada Day!) It was one of those long weekends that seemed even LONGER, which is amazing, and consisted of a bunch of everything and not really anything all at the same time. Lots of little events and small adventures with some chill time in between. Oh and amazing weather helped too.

So on my way to Guelph for a family BBQ I decided I would stop at the Aberfoyle Antique Market on my way into the city. If you haven’t been, you really should. It’s great. It’s probably the best (on-going) one in South Western Ontario. The truth is I don’t need ANYTHING but I just love looking and today I decided to take my camera and make it more of a photo expedition.

Like so many other people, I’m hooked on the iPhone Photo App Hipstamatic. It’s amazing. It takes a little getting used to but I just love the quick instant vintage looking snapshots. I did bring along my DSLR but I’m going to play around with those photos a little later when I have time. Even though the iPhone is great, I still think you have way more control and ability to edit later with a ‘real’ camera. But there’s no point in fighting the technology – I embrace photography, regardless of what equipment is used. A good photo is a good photo!

Here’s a bunch of my favourite iPhone snapshots from my little market adventure today.