{30 days of beauty}

Well I hope beauty doesn’t just disappear after 30 days…but that’s the name of the game at Shoppers Drug Mart right now. It’s been more like 6 months of beauty for me at work however. Without getting into details about, well the details, pulling off a big national program or campaign starts wayyyyyyyyyy before you see it in the stores or anywhere else in media land. 

This project had its challenges at work for various reasons. But it’s done and it’s in a store near you (until September 11)! What I would like to focus on is the elements that I’m really happy with – mostly the whole ‘beauty’ part of it. It is a beauty campaign after all. 

Even though I’m hardly a super model or can even fathom the life of one, I always love beauty shoots. Ironically being around gorgeous young thangs and makeup/hair stylists and photographers doesn’t make me feel bad about myself (Oprah would love me for it). I actually really love it. What I love most is seeing the transformation and the magic of the lights and camera. I think it’s the same feeling you would get as a little girl watching your mom getting ready for a fancy event. 

For this campaign there were 5 different looks with 4 different models. There is a main face of the event then one each to focus on eyes, lips, foundation and skin. It wouldn’t be fair to show any before shots but as beautiful as all these women are, trust me, there is some ‘finessing’ done after. Think of them as aspirational and let their styles give you inspiration…to try a new shade of shadow or lipstick or just play around a little bit more next time you have to get dolled up.

Photography: John Van Der Schilden
Hair: Cody Alain
Makeup: Veronica Chu

You still have time to take advantage of the promos going on at Shoppers. Stop by 30daysofbeauty.com to see what’s happening.