{thrifting 101: granny’s linen closet}

Photography is fun (obviously) but there’s lots of ways to make it a little more creative. On my thrifting trips I’m always on the look out for great patterns that will make fun backdrops for photos – either for product or people. I always take a peak at the linens and curtains and many thrift stores even have a section of unused material. I hit a mini jackpot on my last visit. Check out what I found:

I like to pull these out at parties or BBQ’s and set up a little photobooth area. It’s a great way to add some extra fun to your photos & your party. Sometimes I stick one in my bag when I go away for a cottage weekend, especially when I know there will be a bunch of kids there, like this shot from last summer with my lovely subject, Clementine. How cute is that?

I bet you won’t look at your granny’s old linens the same anymore.