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Working from home is amazing – I’ve loved the change it’s given me. Working to my own schedule, I have more time to look on sites like https://www.cripto-valuta.net/es/bitcoin-champion/ and find more ways to maintain an income. Plus I can decide the amount of work I want to do and when I want to do it. And I can make a drink or grab a snack whenever I want – the list goes on! I did think I would struggle at first, but I have managed to stay focused pretty well. I know a lot of businesses are having to adapt as more people start working from home and I have heard that things like private podcasts (visit https://lowerstreet.co for more information) can help to keep staff engaged. My employers have been fantastic throughout, to be fair to them.

Of course, I’m also lucky that I’ve got a space that I can dedicate to my work. I know that other people aren’t as lucky as me in this sense, with many having to use their bedroom dressing table as a computer stand. My friend was like this for a while, and she had to juggle the hardships of this whilst trying to look for a permanent office address for her business, and it wasn’t until she came across somewhere like Your Virtual Office London (yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk/registered-office-address-london/) that she started to feel like she had done something. You see, she didn’t like the idea of using her home address for her business, and as it is a legal requirement that you provide one, this was her last option. Luckily for her, it checked out and she was able to focus on that transition to working from home better. It was then that I realized that I could’ve done a whole week’s theme on working from home so you can look forward to more home office/DIY/inspiration posts while I’m working my way through this transition.

Monday is a good day to get organized don’t you agree? You’re already a little down because the weekend is over and in denial that you indeed have to tackle your inbox or your growing ‘to do’ list. There’s no better form of procrastination than cleaning up and getting organized. How many times have you done everything you can think of, include cleaning under the sofa before tackling what you really need to do? For me I’m struggling with keeping a schedule and need a little help with planning. Being a visual person, I’ve decided the best thing to add to my work-in-progress workspace (inspiration here)is a wall calendar so I can see it all laid out in front of me. Despite the fact that I work from home, sometimes I do need to go to various meetings all over the place, (see this is why I need organization), so I’ve looked up space planning software to see how I can manage my areas better and be able to book rooms, desks, or equipment for when I need it without the hassle of calling around at the last minute when I have forgotten. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can slack at all. I can then keep it all organized online as well as with my personal calander, which leads me into my post today. Here’s some great & stylish inspiration I found to incorporate a calendar into your workspace.

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