Even though we’re not even in mid-November I think I may already be a tiny bit late in the game on this one. But if you’re like me and not a 3 month in advance pre-planner then the good news is that thanks to Minted, I think we’re still going to be ok.

I’m talking about that time of year to think about Christmas cards for all your friends & family that you may not get to see in person for the holidays. This wonderful online world has given us many conveniences at the click of a mouse such as the popular e-card but really, there’s nothing quite the same as getting a thoughtful note in the mail. Old school.

Minted and their community of super talented indie designers have come up with dozens of beautiful & cheerful holiday cards to pick from this year. And the best part is that you can customize them with your name (shout out to the single ladies!), your family name or maybe just your pet if they have their own fan club. If family photos or glamour shots are your thing, there’s also a whole selection of photo cards available as well.

minted holiday card roundupHere’s 20 of my favourites. No surprise, I especially love the retro inspired designs but this is literally just a small taste of what Minted has to offer, so if you don’t like my fabulous taste then there’s many, many, many more options to explore.

minted holiday card roundup2 minted holiday card roundup3

If you’re sold and ready to place that order head over to Minted and get to it!

If this is the first you’ve heard about Minted, read more about them here. They are a great company, led by a great team. I had the pleasure of hearing CEO Miriam Naficy give an inspirational keynote talk at AltSF this summer.