HOLIDAY DIY: naturally glamorous holiday centrepiece

Holiday centerpiece with natural birch elements by The Sweet Escape

holiday birch centrepiece 8 HEADERThe countdown to Christmas is creeping verrrry close. Did I mention that I’m hosting Christmas Day dinner at my place? Yup, it’s a first. Should be interesting. I get a little excited when I have guests over and go a little crazy wanting to try every recipe & entertaining tip I’ve pinned in the last six months. I’ve managed to control myself so far but I do want to have a pretty centrepiece. Keep reading to see how I put together this natural yet glam dining table setting.

I’ve wanted to do something with birch branch stumps for awhile so I had that in mind when I thought of a centrepiece. I love how ideas change and evolve during the process. Originally I was going to keep it strictly stumps and coat the top with glitter with recessed tea light candles. While I was at the dollar store I found these glam gold & silver mini trees, deer and delicious smelling candles in mini mason jars and my idea shifted to what you see now.

I visited my friend’s country property and found a bunch of fallen birch tree branches and he was kind enough to cut them to different sizes for me with his pro saw.

holiday birch centrepiece 7

Then to prove to you that not everything always works out and you kinda gotta go with the flow sometimes, I planned on drilling the holes for the tea lights myself because I wasn’t sure yet which pieces I wanted with candles. BUT turns out that my drill was too wimpy to cut the proper holes for the tea lights. I tried a few different glass candle holders I had but they just didn’t work with the vibe so I just left the candles on top, as is, and I think they work in this case.

holiday birch centrepiece 10

holiday centrepiece

holiday birch centerpieceThe gold laced table runner is from Homesense, at a steal for $14. It was the first thing that I bought that kinda inspired me to run with the metallic theme. I love the contrast between the natural birch and fibre in the runner mixed with the glam of silver & gold. It took a lot of self control not to add colour to this.

holiday birch centrepiece

holiday birch centrepiece 9I’m so happy with how it turned out even though the candles are not quite what I imagined. It’s really easy to put together and as much as I love flowers it’s kinda nice how low maintenance this is.

holiday birch centrepiece 5

Now this table just needs some proper plate settings along with some people and a bunch of food!

7 responses to “HOLIDAY DIY: naturally glamorous holiday centrepiece”

  1. hi! i love this SO much! thank you for sharing!
    quick question: do you need to do anything to the birch pieces?? i may end up getting some cut up birch tree pieces and we were afraid we might need to ‘finish’ them in some way.
    thank you!!

    • Hi Maryann! I didn’t treat them but I did notice that they were leaving a residue on my wood table surface so I added a piece of felt to the bottom of each piece and that solved the problem. A trick for natural wood is to stick it in your freezer overhight to get rid of any little bugs etc. that you don’t want in your house! Works like a charm.

      • Yay! All of this was totally helpful! Thank you! Thanks for replying, and thanks again for this beautiful idea!

  2. I love your spunk and love of life. You are an inspiration for many I am sure. You are techno savvy, love decorating, and finding fun things to do even when no one can come over. That is the way we all should live! Thanks for the good vibes!

  3. Hi, Please can you send me the tutorial on how to make the little Christmas trees you have on your table?

    Thanks in advance