HOLIDAY DIY: geometric paper ornaments

Goemetric Paper Holiday Christmas Ornaments by The sweet escape

geometric paper ornamentsMy advent calendar project inspired me to break free from the traditional red this year and go with a more modern & colourful decor. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money for new ornaments so I decided to make these modern geometric ornaments to add to the silver & gold ones I already have and give the tree an update without going bust.


• Template (download here)
• Bristle board or card stock in the colors of your choice
• White glue
• Glitter
• Exacto knife
• Ruler
• Double sided tape or glue stick
• Needle and thread

Geo Paper Ornaments for Christmas / The sweet Escape

1. Print out the template on card stock and trace it on your colored bristle board.
2. Score the fold lines with a knife to make the folded edges crisp.
3. Fold along the lines and add glue or double-sided tape to the flap.


When you’re done assembling, you’ll have these pretty gems. You can leave them like this or glitter them up. That is if you don’t have a ‘no glitter’ rule in your house, which is totally understandable.
Geo Paper Ornaments for Christmas / The sweet Escape


geo paper ornaments 5

These glittery paper beauties can also be used as gift toppers. Show off and let your gift shine under the tree (literally) by using these fun ornaments to dress up your gifts. I like to keep the wrap simple and then go a little crazy with flare. But feel free to go crazy with fancy wrap & toppers. It is Christmas after all.

geometric ornaments gift topper

geometric ornaments gift topper