GOOD EATS: lilac recipes to love

I’m not a gardening expert although I wish I knew a little more. But I love lilacs and I’m told that they bloom in late May, early June so we should see those beauties any time now. (disclaimer: do not go all green thumbzilla on me if this is not true). Who doesn’t love the smell and stunning colour that lilacs bring to your table? It’s time to take them from the centrepiece to the main attraction on your plate. I figure something so beautiful must taste good too right? Well it’s time to find out. Here’s 6 lilac recipes to try this season.

Recipes using lilac flowers / The Sweet Escape

RECIPES: lilac sugar / lilac and blackberry pavlova / cake with lilac infused creme / lilac macarons (inspiration only) / the lilac haze cocktail / asparagus lilac and lemon