{DESIGN: hump day motivational goods}

Until someone comes up with a better term I’m going to go ahead and say Happy Hump Day people! I know it’s wrong to be so excited about a Wednesday but it’s a sunny, perfect temperature day, I’m staring out of a window full of lilac trees and I’m listening to the uber talented Sam Smith right now (ok, so it’s a sad but beautiful song) and yesterday was a bit of a stressful day (in a good way) and it’s behind me now. So happy hump day!

Trust me, I’m not always this perky on any given day but sometimes it just happens. Sometimes we need a little motivation. Especially on Wednesdays and especially if you sit at a desk looking across at your cubicle partner who should be on What Not to Wear. 

Remember my last round of motivational desktop wallpapers? Yeah, well one of those will definitely help. I went ahead and put them in my Society 6 shop so now you get a professionally printed version or even better, a mug to remind you or your cowokers to be….rad, beautiful, the boss, a rockstar….take you pick. Or buy all four and change your plan on a daily basis.

Plus right now there’s a special Artist’s promotion. Follow this link for a special FREE worldwide shipping promo.

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