SPACES: designing around a rug

Do people still install carpet these days? Me, I would choose modern rugs over a carpet any day. Cheaper (most of the time), no installation needed, easy to change, easy to move and mostly no dust bunnies and mystery stains that can’t be seen. Not that looking under a rug is always pleasant but at least you know what you’re dealing with. I’m not saying my whole house is uncarpeted, because it isn’t, and yes I like to frequently use a carpet cleaners similar to this carpet cleaning Aylesbury company whenever my carpets are looking a little worse for wear, what I’m saying is, that a rug can be much more versatile!

So when Wayfair asked me if I would like to show off their rug selection and offer my readers a 15% discount (!) it was a no brainer. I thought it would fun to play make believe interior designer and design room around one of these great Wayfair rugs. Although this post is sponsored and I’m receiving a gift card from Wayfair (to probably buy one of these fab pieces!), all the creative genius and opinions are definitely my own. I kinda surprised myself with the rug I choose. I decided to pick something that may seem more traditional at first glance and show you how you can make it part of a modern look. I’m calling this style modern-deco-boho-glam-chic. That’s a style right? If you like the look of the Wayfair rugs then check out these coupons for and save yourself some money like I did!

Rug as the Centrepiece / Get the look / The Sweet Escape

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The rug may be a bit of a surprise but definitely not the accessories to pull the look together. I love a pop of color, the blue couch contrasts the colors in the rug perfectly. In this room, the rug is the piece of art so it’s important to keep the rest of the room relatively simple and pattern free. I choose to compliment the colors in the rug with a classic black and gold palette and furniture with simple, clean lines. Contrast in color, shape, texture and style always makes for an interesting room, don’t you agree?

If you’re inspired and feeling like changing things up in the rug dept, this is the perfect time. Use the discount RUGLUV35 to receive 15% off ALL Wayfair rugs from July 31 – August 4, 2014.