SPACES: living room or bedroom for under $1000

Hey all. I thought I would share some of these latest posts I put together for Apartment Therapy. Give me a tight budget and I thrive. I honestly had fun putting together these rooms for under a $1000 (USD) each. It goes without saying (which some of the ‘friendly’ commentators missed) that buying second hand or giving an old piece a makeover is more budget-friendly. While I can remodel a room much more effectively if I have a bigger budget that could allow carpet installation texas or repainting to really bring the theme of the room together, I enjoy a challenge and I do love a good bargin hunt! And when you’ve got your great carpet fixed, it might be a good idea to consider talking to Carpet Cleaning Orange professionals to make it pristine. These examples are for those people that aren’t interested in those options and want to buy new but on a budget.

The living room is pretty fresh and modern take with mid-century influences. How great is that coffee table!?!?

Bedroom for under $1000 / The Sweet Escape for Apartment Therapy

You can find all the shopping resources for this living room on the full original Apartment Therapy post.

The bedroom is more boho and eclectic. I love mixing black with wood and stripes and florals. This was actually quite a bit more challenging than the living room because I found these luxury rugs that I LOVED but it didn’t fit in my budget. (doesn’t include cost of mattress). Luckily I managed to pick up a cheap mattress so it didn’t eat into the budget too much. I decided to get an air mattress (click here for more information about them!) It’s so comfy! I did lots of research to try and find the perfect mattress for our needs and I think I made a great choice!

living room for under $1000 / The Sweet Escape for Apartment Therapy

You can find the full shopping resource list on the original Apartment Therapy post.