Simple DIY Holiday Wreath

DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet Escape

DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet EscapeIt’s a Christmas post! Don’t get used to it because you won’t see many of these around here this season. More details to come shortly (if I have time!) but I’m taking off for two glorious weeks somewhere far, far, far away without my computer or a glue gun. I’ll be back for the actual Christmas hoopla but I’ll be missing all the main holiday blog event – as in anything and everything to do with Christmas. It’s a bit sad but not really. Truthfully I’ve been working on Christmas all Summer so I’m kinda ok with it. BUT I can’t leave you totally high and dry so here’s a super simple but classy looking modern wreath for you to one up your neighbours with this season. 

DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet EscapeIsn’t this a great looking wreath? It’s modern and traditional and fabulous all at once and I swear to god it it’s easy to make. Here’s what you’ll need and if you’re smart and have access to nature this won’t even cost you anything: 


  • 3 pieces of birch wood or wood branches of your choice
  • twine or yarn
  • fresh or faux holiday greens
  • fresh or faux berries
  • floral wire

Of course, like anything creative, you can change things up if you like or easily adapt this project for any other season using different greens/florals/decor. 

Step 1: Create a triangle with your branches and tie them together at the cross section using the twine. 

triangle-holiday-wreath-1triangle-holiday-wreath-3Full disclosure – I was way too lazy to go find some branches so I bought these from my neighbourhood florist for $5 each. 

Step 2: Bunch up your greens with some coming from both the left and right side with the ends in the middle. Tightly tie to the branches using twine. You can try the floral wire but I think it’s easier to get them tight with the twine. Just sayin’. 

Step 3: Add some berries (or ribbon, or florals, or anything else you want) to the centre for a little extra flare and colour and to help hide the twine although I don’t mind seeing the twine. Use the green floral wire to attach.

DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet Escape


Lastly add a piece of twine to the top to make a loop to hang the wreath from and you’re done! See, crazy easy! If you use real greens it’s probably best to keep this wreath outdoors but if you used faux than you can keep indoors and avoid a mess.

DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet Escape DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet Escape

This wreath would definitely cost you a pretty penny to buy and it’s so easy to make! Plus it’s a reason to get out there and take a walk and look at something other than your phone. The best part is when you open your door and your guests are just going on about how much they love your wreath your can be like “yeah I made it, just call me Martha”. Who doesn’t like a good brag? 

DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet Escape DIY Triangle Holiday Wreath by The Sweet Escape

If you’re just itching for some more holiday DIY projects well don’t worry! I have lots to keep you busy. You can check out one of the past Merry magazines which are JAM PACKED with ideas or search the blog for holiday ideas and you’ll find some fun ones too. Happy holiday crafting!