Watermelon Margarita Cocktail Recipe

watermelon margarita summer cocktail recipe

watermelon margarita summer cocktail recipeI thought I would squeeze in one more summer cocktail recipe just before the last long weekend of the year…aka the sign for the end of summer. Well that’s what everyone seems to believe anyway. I get it….end of August, school starts, I see how it can feel like the end of summer. The reality is that summer goes until September 22 and I personally like to enjoy every last day but I’ll give into the popular vote on this one and for the sake of all things blogging – share this last summer Watermelon Margarita cocktail recipe with you.

watermelon margarita summer cocktail recipewatermelon margarita summer cocktail recipeWhat is more summer than watermelon, amiright? It’s refreshing. it’s juicy, it’s colourful and also happens to taste amazing with tequila. For those who prefer to drink their fruit, this is for you. This watermelon margarita is so juicy and refreshing that you could say it’s actually hydrating you. Not really but if you say it enough you may start to believe it. 

This recipe couldn’t be much easier. Here’s what you need:

Watermelon Margarita (makes 4)

• 2 cups freshly squeezed watermelon juice
• 6 oz. white tequila
• juice from 3 limes
• kosher salt
• mint, extra lime & watermelon for garnish

To get the watermelon juice, dice your watermelon (approx. 1/2 of a watermelon) and using a blender or food processor pulse until liquid. Pour trough a fine strainer to get a pulp free juice.

Use the discarded juiced limes to rim each glass with lime juice then dip in a plate with salt to prep your glass.

Combine the watermelon juice. tequila, lime juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake for approx. 20-60 seconds then pour over ice in your salt rimmed glasses. Garnish with mint, lime & watermelon slice. Enjoy!

Pssst..if you’re not a big tequila fan, try gin instead. It’s equally as delish. Just don’t call it a margarita around any cocktail snobs.

watermelon margarita summer cocktail recipeThis watermelon margarita would be perfect for that last BBQ of the summer or just a summer patio hangout with a few friends. You can strain the watermelon juice ahead of time and keep it chilled in the fridge and have it ready to pour when your guests arrive.

Drink up friends! Both summer and this cocktail. Cheers!