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  • GOOD EATS: Girls Who Grill, Easy Grilling Recipes & Tips

    GOOD EATS: Girls Who Grill, Easy Grilling Recipes & Tips

    So full disclosure, I haven’t always loved grilling. I LOVE eating delicious grilled food and a BBQ doesn’t intimate me but I usually try and pass it off to one of the males that I invite over as a guest. I know, I’m horrible but they usually don’t seem to mind. After chatting with some […]

  • Calligraphy Workshop: my new creative obsession

    Calligraphy Workshop: my new creative obsession

    Saying I’m a creative spirit is an understatement. I will try any creative craft I can get my hands on but somehow I’ve gone all time (let’s just say it’s more than 20 years) without trying calligraphy. Until now! It’s something I’ve wanted to try forever but just never made the time for. And if […]

  • My week with One of a Kind Show and Etsy

    My week with One of a Kind Show and Etsy

    Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted. I’ve never worked so hard in such a short time. Ever. If you’ve been following you know that I’ve been busy prepping for the big Spring One of a Kind Show (OOAK). Well the show has come and gone but my poor feet will […]

  • EVENTS: Be the Maker Series Dye Napkin workshop

    EVENTS: Be the Maker Series Dye Napkin workshop

    I’m so excited to share these photos with you today. If you remember about a month ago I announced that we would be hosting our very first Be The Maker Series with West Elm Toronto? Well I’m happy to say that the sold out event was a big success thanks to West Elm Toronto & its great staff, […]

  • EVENTS: grown-up halloween party ideas

    EVENTS: grown-up halloween party ideas

    I admit that I’ve been a little bit distracted (read: completely consumed) by my kitchen reno and have neglected my fave holiday, halloween. The end is near with the kitchen people, stay tuned. But as far as halloween, which I loooooove, it’s fun to go crazy and if you have kids it’s kinda part of […]

  • EVENT: be the maker worshop series with West Elm

    I love starting a Monday with a fun announcement. I’ve been planning this for a while and so happy to finally announce that I’ll be hosting a workshop at West Elm Toronto on Thursday, November 20! It’s called Be The Maker Series and it’s going to be an evening filled with making, meeting, chatting, snacking […]

  • SHOP LOCAL: etsy made in Canada Roadtrip

    I’m finally sharing my Etsy: Made in Canada roadtrip with you. Sorry for the slight delay peeps but I was waiting on some photos so I could really show you what a great event it was. It’s been a few years since I’ve done a craft show. It’s kinda like a hangover. You swear you […]

  • DIY: sequin party crowns

    So how much fun is this? I’m in a wedding party (hence why I was just in Mexico…jealous much?) and the other bridesmaids and I hosted a bachlorette/shower combo for the bride a few weeks ago. We were on a bit of a budget so we had to get creative with decor and party favours. I […]

  • EVENTS: a wine tasting social with Union Wines

    EVENTS: a wine tasting social with Union Wines

    Some blogger friends and I have started getting together for brunch every once and awhile – you know for some real life facetime. I decided to change things up a bit this time and along with my friends at Union Wines and Linda Modern Thai I hosted a wine tasting social at my own loft […]

  • GOOD EATS + DRINKS: supper club

    I’m so happy to bring you the spring edition of Supper Club. Even though for us folks in Canada, Mother Nature seems to have missed the spring memo it sure felt like spring at our most recent Supper Club get together. For those that missed my previous event post, Supper Club is a dinner party […]

  • {BIRTHDAY WEEK: thank you!!}

    Annnnnd our first year has come and gone. A big gigantic THANK YOU!! to everyone for all your kind words, support & participation in our birthday week celebrations. One year old’s are really missing out because it’s so much better when you actually can remember your first birthday and all the nice things people say […]

  • {GOOD EATS: supper club}

    Happy Monday y’all. Hope you have some family fun planned for Family Day today. Being single and without children I realized that having Valentine’s Day and Family Day on the same long weekend had potential to be a pretty big bummer of a weekend. Luckily that wasn’t the case for me :) I had the […]

  • {BLOGLIFE: Successful first workshop}

    Remember fresh after new year’s I told you about my new side project called The Happy Blogger and our first photo workshop? Well time has flown and it’s now successfully behind us. You can check out the full recap on The Happy Blogger blog but here’s a little sneak peak at what went down. Thank […]

  • BIG NEWS: Introducing……The Happy Blogger!

    Today I’m extremely excited to announce the creation of The Happy Blogger. It’s an idea of mine that I’ve had for some time and it’s so exciting and fulfilling to see it come to life. It goes to show, whatever your idea, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. Want to […]

  • EVENTS: at home game night & GIVEAWAY

    Hope you all had a great weekend. I love to go out and have some fun as much as the next person but every once and while it’s nice to bring the fun to you and host a get-together. Sometimes though, I can’t be bothered to interact with people, especially after a long day at […]