DIY: sequin party crowns

DIY sequin party crown / The Sweet Escape

So how much fun is this? I’m in a wedding party (hence why I was just in Mexico…jealous much?) and the other bridesmaids and I hosted a bachlorette/shower combo for the bride a few weeks ago. We were on a bit of a budget so we had to get creative with decor and party favours. I don’t know about you but I think we’ve all at least for one minute wanted to be a princess. Either that or a Rockette. What do you get if you combine the two? A rainbow sequin crown ready to party. I made these ridculously easy and fun party crowns for a about $3.

DIY sequin party crown / The Sweet Escape

All you need for this project is bristle board, some sequin and a glue gun. I already had the glue gun but I picked up the other two at the dollar store for a buck each and I suggest buying some extra glue, you’ll use a bunch. There are 2 steps, easy:

• cut out a crown shape that fits to your head & staple or tape ends together.
• work in small sections and generously apply glue then immediately cover with sequin.

NOTE: I chose to do this with the crown already stapled but you could also do this lying flat and just leave the ends clear so you can staple and cover with sequin after.

DIY: sequin party crown / The Sweet Escape

Aren’t sequin so pretty? They just scream PARTY! Now I purposely chose to use sequin over glitter because I’m not insane and didn’t want to be cleaning up glitter around my house for the next 5 years. You may lose a few sequin over the course of the party but they are much easier to sweep up after. But if you’re a little crazy, please go ahead and use glitter. It will also be beautiful.

DIY: sequin party crown / The Sweet EscapeNeedless to say we had a great time and the party crowns were a big hit. I don’t have any photos for you because well they may get flagged by the internet police and what happens at the bachlorette stays at the bachlorette. But here’s some nice G-Rated photos of me, my crown and a party of one.

DIY: sequin party crown / The Sweet Escape DIY: sequin party crown / The Sweet Escape



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  1. This is so cute! What is more fun than sequins? If you had a second to come by and link up with us at The Makers link party over on my blog, that would be so great! :)

  2. I adored this crown! Just another special detail to my very special night! Love you! xo