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  • SPACES: living room or bedroom for under $1000

    Hey all. I thought I would share some of these latest posts I put together for Apartment Therapy. Give me a tight budget and I thrive. I honestly had fun putting together these rooms for under a $1000 (USD) each. It goes without saying (which some of the ‘friendly’ commentators missed) that buying second hand […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: breaking down the cage

    Ok, so I’m kinda doing things a little backward here but remember how I mentioned in another before & after post how my recent home projects were motivated by the completion of a bigger project? Well, this is it. It was a long time coming. Ever since I moved into my place I’ve hated these […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: bedroom loft makeover

    I’m on a major roll here. Another one of my own before & after projects. So after I got my beautiful new railing it was time to take care of those other lingering projects. First up was what lies on the other side of the railing, my bedroom. It’s definitely the most awkward space in […]