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  • DIY: fresh flower birthday hats

    I have one more kinda summery DIY for you. Although, you can really make theseĀ all year – they would brighten up any indoor birthday party. Remember those magical three days I stayed at a treehouse with my bestie Emily last month? Well it happened to be her birthday while we were there AND I happened […]

  • DIY: flower centrepiece turns into a flower crown

    Flower crowns are like snowflakes, each one is totally unique. You can go big and bold with some massive stunning peonies or go ultra simple with some wild daisies and grasses or about a billizion other options in between. They are beautiful on a bride for her wedding day or just for hanging out on […]

  • SPACES: designing around a rug

    Do people still install carpet these days? Me, I would choose modern rugs over a carpet any day. Cheaper (most of the time), no installation needed, easy to change, easy to move and mostly no dust bunnies and mystery stains that can’t be seen. Not that looking under a rug is always pleasant but at […]

  • {INSPIRED BY: tattoos}

    I have a small tattoo even though I forget about it most of the time because it’s on my back. Yes, it’s very predictable. It’s a butterfly on my back. That’s what 18 year old girls do. But to be honest I do still like it. It’s pretty simple, just black outlines, no colour. I […]

  • {INSPIRATION: drop dead gorgeous photo series}

    I was feeling creative and ambitious last weekend. The sun was streaming in the windows and I was so inspired by these dying flowers I had hanging around from Valentines day. I decided to put my amateur photographer hat on and try and capture the natural beauty and sun light with a mini photo session […]

  • BEFORE & AFTER: an extra sweet vintage chair makeover

    BEFORE & AFTER: an extra sweet vintage chair makeover

    While I was visiting my good friend Emily a few weeks ago we worked on a few crafty projects for her her soon-to-be creative workshop space attached her great shop Hello Yellow. I’l leave the full design plan and reveal of the space to Emily but I wanted to share this adorable before & after […]