{DIY: pom pom}

This is a tiny bit dated, but damn I’ve been busy lately. Just over a month ago my dear (craft-challenged) friend Marie-Lou mentioned to me that she was going to buy these gorgeous tissue paper pom pom’s from Etsy for her sister’s baby shower that she was planning. I knew exactly which ones she was talking about because I had admired them myself. See for yourself here. Aren’t they pretty? The next thing I told Marie-Lou is to save her money because those are too easy to make and voila! we had a craft project on our hands.I spent a whopping $6 on materials (tissue paper) at the dollar store and we got a ton of pom pom’s of all sizes out of it. A couple of drinks, a sunny day on my patio and an hour or two later we had these beauties to show for it.

I don’t think anyone, even a craft expert, could tell the different between ours and the ones on Etsy. Now if only every single person I know who’s pregnant (and there’s a couple) wasn’t having a boy, these could be handy again.

I hear they were a big hit at the shower.

See that? Doesn’t take much to impress. $6 and an hour or two of fluffing tissue paper.

Give it a shot.


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