OMG – I had to post this illustration I just came across on The Debonaire Blog because it might as well be me. Chronic bitchface is the story of my life – as is the “smile!” comment from total strangers (which is what actually makes me bitchy). What’s even more humorous is that’s pretty much my go-to hairstyle, I just bought a pair of similar glasses and I’m unhappily single.
Bing. Bang. Boom.

Chronic bitchface, the misunderstood condition.

3 responses to “{smile!)”

  1. How PERFECT is that!! Can you buy it? Can I buy it for you? :)
    This leads to a story that happened to Colleen last week. She was giving a bitch face to someone who was just taking too damn long to walk across in front of her car. He told her to “Relax sweetheart. Slow down and enjoy the sun”.
    Thought you’d enjoy that.

  2. No I think you should buy it! It’s amazing!!! And I happen to love your bitch face. Too bad I’m a chick. xo