{INSPIRATION: it’s the small things}

I was going to say that I love all things miniature but figured I would be setting myself up for one endless list of innuendos. So I will be specific and say how much I love miniature art. It’s not a new thing, even back in high school art class one of my favourite projects was when we took one of our favourite vacation pictures and re-created it….on the smalllll scale. I still have mine and finally, only 15 years later, found the right frame for it and it’s currently living on my shelf at home.

See the original pic from an amazing boat cruise on Lake Como in Italy (wave hello to George Clooney) then see my little masterpiece. The light isn’t amazing but there’s crazy detail like little red flowers, waves in the water, leaves on the trees. The tea light gives you an idea of scale.

I realized that part of what I loved was the intense attention to detail that it required and the tiny amount of actual space and materials. I only needed a dot of paint and didn’t have to mix a big batch and hope it was enough…or have to lug around some big canvas or dirty a million brushes.

Anyway – my high school glory days is not what inspired me to write this post. I was inspired by the news that one of my favourite miniature projects, The World’s Smallest Postal Service (WSPS) is now available to all. Well it was always available to everyone but now you can make it even more personal and do it yourself at home and add your own touch. The creator of WSPS is one smart cookie to package it up and sell it.

I used her Post Office to send my good friend, Emily, a birthday card a few years ago. She said it was one of the coolest gifts she’s ever gotten….read about it on her blog here.

It’s really the cutest thing ever. You have the option of sending a Tiny Package or Tiny Letter

or they even do bulk delivery. Check out this wedding invitation package, a la Tiny:

On a related ‘mini’ note, check out this other favourite mini love of mine. It’s a blog that documents Little People – a tiny street art project. I’ve noticed that many of the older posts have been removed. My guess is that they’re now available in the book that’s for sale. But there’s still a bunch of great samples. Each one starts with the final photo and slowly pans back for you to see the tiny little scene in context to the normal scale surroundings. Can you see the little spec on the last one?!

These are a few on my favourite mini projects but once you’re aware of it you’ll see that there’s a bunch more out there.

Great things really can come in small packages.

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  1. Yes! It was one of my favourite gifts ever. You need to update my blog address though. I switched when I sold the shop.

    ALSO, I have that little street art book in our downstairs bathroom. Little stuff is my fave!